Every day we hear stories of how God has worked through His ministry of Family Life to change hearts, unite families, strengthen marriages, transform lives, renew hope, overcome addictions, and so much more.

How has the Lord used Family Life in your life? Share your story and join with us in saying “To God Be the Glory”!

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It has been a major blessing to be able listen to the praise music provided by FamilyLife! The app is such a cool tool for worshiping the Lord our God!!

There are multiple streams to pick from and currently my favorite ones are “Gentle Praise” & “Adoration”.


Family Life has been such a blessing to me. I listened secular music for years and thought that was I had to listen to. Then I went to Kingdom Bound in 2009 and I found out about Family Life and it was in my area too. I found the music to be much more inspiring
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I started listening to Family Life a few years ago and while it’s always been very uplifting and helpful, it has never been more so than this past month for me. At 27 years old I was in the first real relationship of my life, it only lasted just under 2 months. We’ve been broken
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I first heard you when I returned to the Olean, NY area from Ralston, PA to visit family. Seemed like every third or fourth song was a hymn sung by George Beverly Shea–not my favorite, but I was glad to know the local airwaves had a Christian presence! By the time I returned for good
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I never believed in GOD- if I couldn’t see him he wasn’t real. Until March 20, 2018 changed my life. A guy ran a stop sign and hit my SUV sending me into the ditch. A firemen showed and one in particular came over to me and prayed over me. Every fire fighter told me
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I knew exactly where and how I would end it all. I had planned it out for some time. My life basically meant nothing at all to me and I knew the best thing for everyone if I were gone. Something made me stop and think of praying. Something took hold of me and I
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I wanted to share with you a conversation that took place during my swim class! We meet in Attica School,for water exercise. My instructor is employed by the Attica Correctional facility.She mentioned that their phones cannot be brought into the workplace.as well as CD players, iPods etc.,they were told you may listen to a radio….lo’
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I was going thru some tough times a few months ago and that is when I started listing to Family Life. I just would like to share that I had 3 answered prayers with-in the past couple days. One is I am cancer free! I have had kidney cancer and had my right one removed.
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In the last little over a year my oldest son passed away, this last summer in july I think, my twenty one year old grandson died. About two months ago my youngest son died. I am having a hard time getting a grip on this. It is two much for me to take. I am
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