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Family Life Network has been one of my great resources in my battle with anxiety and depression. By sending out little rays of hope each day through Christ and His word, FLN has lifted my spirits in the most difficult moments. I am buying a radio for my house so I don’t have to wait
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I was going thru some tough times a few months ago and that is when I started listing to Family Life. I just would like to share that I had 3 answered prayers with-in the past couple days. One is I am cancer free! I have had kidney cancer and had my right one removed.
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I keep your station on around the clock. It is so inspirational and helps to keep me focused on what really matters most in life. There is however one thing I’m confused about. God knows and has decided already when our number is up. When a person is diagnosed with cancer for example (if our
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Family life helped save my life. a few weeks after a loved one went to heaven, I was looking for something to keep me going and I come across family life. ya’ll helped me realize God is an awesome God, and Jesus is my brother. you helped me get saved when you mentioned click on
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I’m not a new Christian, but I’ve never really known about being hopeful in God, and how it helps in everyday life. Thank you that your radio station has been helping me to be hopeful in God. To God be the Glory!


I never believed in GOD- if I couldn’t see him he wasn’t real. Until March 20, 2018 changed my life. A guy ran a stop sign and hit my SUV sending me into the ditch. A firemen showed and one in particular came over to me and prayed over me. Every fire fighter told me
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Bobbi Jo

Your station has given me so much guidance and lifted me up in so many situations. I cannot Thank You enough! God Bless you All 


I drive school bus for the Albion school district and I received this comment from a parent from one of my students on FB! This is one of the reasons why I play your station on the bus! I pray that God is heard while the students are on my bus! Thanks for all you
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Family Life has been such a blessing to me. I listened secular music for years and thought that was I had to listen to. Then I went to Kingdom Bound in 2009 and I found out about Family Life and it was in my area too. I found the music to be much more inspiring
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