This testimony isn’t technically mine, but the life of this woman affected me immensely. At my church, there is a woman and her name is Mrs. Dawn, well she one day about fivish years ago was diagnose with Cancer. Meanwhile, she was going through a good amount of chemo treatments when one night my dad (which is the pastor at my church) got a phone call from her late at night from Mrs. Dawn. My dad was asleep so she left a message saying “call me back as soon as possible.” About an hour later she called my dad once again but this time she stayed “Bob just had a heart attack and died.” Her husband died while she was already going through so much. I distinctly remember going up to her at his funeral and just hugging her, we said nothing, just hugged. about two weeks later she had two cats and they both died. adding even more pain to her life. but Mrs. Dawn showed up to church every possible moment. I loved seeing her always sitting two rows ahead of me always with a smile on her face. She never let God out of her life even when it continued to get worse and worse. But eventually it finally felt like God was going to bless her. Her cancer was healed! Next thing I remember she announced to the church that she was getting remarried. I went to there wedding and it was so sweet and I love them both with all my heart, even though I am quite quiet I remember them always saying hello to me. They have so much love for the lord. Since Mrs. Dawn finally found peace it seemed, God wanted to test her faith even more. “She has cancer” is all I remember my dad saying to me, and my heart just ached for her. I personally don’t know every detail, but something absolutely terrible happened. Her colon had multiple holes in it. Something kept eating away at her colon. about a week ago she was supposed to have it repaired but when the doctors had her in surgery they realized it was just too bad and they couldn’t help her. when she woke up after the surgery they told her they couldn’t help. Yesterday my sister told me that she didn’t have much time left to live. My parents went to visit her. She told them she was going to get off of all the machines on Monday that are keeping her alive. My mom told me this today, and all I could do is cry, honestly I am crying as I’m writing this right now. The school I attend is a christian school and everyone there has been praying for her and they don’t even know her. There is so much love in the christian community it is almost unreal. I just wish our eminence amount of prayers did something this time. Mrs. Dawn Loves God with all her heart, shes gone through so much, and I don’t know how she is so at peace, because I personally at the moment am not at peace. I felt like some one needed to hear her story, because she still loves God, and she knew he had a purpose for this. I hope this story impacts your life like it did mine.