Bible Quizzing

What is Bible Quizzing?

Quizzing is an effective tool that helps motivate young people to learn God’s Word, work together as a team, and expand their understanding of Scriptures. Quizzers usually range from 11-19 years old, however kids as young as 8 may still be eligible to participate with the permission of a coach and a parent’s support.

Why be involved?

Spiritual Opportunity: Family Life believes that the Bible is the inspired and the infallible Word of God. Because of this, we believe that the reading and memorizing of the Bible places a believer’s heart and mind in a position to be more easily led by the Holy Spirit. This influences a believer’s thinking, behavior, character, and values to be formed by God’s Truth, rather than by our own sinful nature.

Competition/Team Building: We believe it is beneficial for people to have opportunity for healthy competition. Bible Quizzing provides a competitive atmosphere for kids to learn to function as a team member and as an individual competitor, while also learning to encourage their opponents with honest, sportsmen-like conduct.


Are you interested in giving Bible Quizzing a try this season??


First, Find an ESV version of the Bible (2016 Copyright) and start memorizing as much of the following chapters as you can: Acts Chapters 1,2,4,7 or 24. Those chapters will be covered at the first quiz.

  • Students ages 11-19 can participate at the National Bible Quiz Tournament (optional) in April, BUT…younger students can quiz at the monthly local quizzes with the permission of their coach and a parent/guardian that will come to quizzes with them.
  • You can form a new team or we will try to find a place for new quizzers on a current team.
  • Our quiz season runs from September through March (once a month quizzes) and then the OPTIONAL Nationals Tournament in late April that will be in St. Louis, Missouri this year.
  • Adults interested in being a Table Official, Coach, Volunteer or a Supportive Parent are encouraged to come, too.  We’ll be happy to get you started in your chosen role.

To Register for the Informational Quizzes OR to get more information about Bible Quizzing, email or call:   Alice Gardiner / (607)-698-4414

We hope to hear from you soon!

Month Dates Location Other Quiz Info Chapters in Acts Covered (plus review)
December 12/17/22 Canisteo Wesleyan 6,10,11,14 & 21
January 1/7/23 Canisteo Wesleyan 9,18,25 & 27
February 2/4/23 Canisteo Wesleyan 8,19,22 & 28
February 2/18/23 Canisteo Wesleyan Review Quiz/Snow Date All Chapters
March 3/4/23 Canisteo Wesleyan Local Tournament and Season Awards All Chapters
March** 3/25/23 Panama united Methodist Church ** Family Life Maple Tourney All Chapters
April** 4/26-4/29 St. Louis Missouri ** BQF National Bible Quiz Tournament All Chapters
** Optional Tournaments


$5 Study Book (Optional)

$15.00 Quizzer Fee ($40 Family – 3 or More) – One Time Fee

$20.00 Team fee