A Personal Message from Family Life’s CEO Rick Snavely

An Update on the Building Our Future Together Project

There are many who have contacted us at Family Life desiring to know what is taking place with the new ministry center in the Corning area.  Though we have not mentioned much lately, there is still significant work that is being done at the site such as creation of the four retention ponds, site excavation, and parking lot foundational work.  Behind the scenes, design work continues as well as the creation of final construction blueprints and subcontractor guidelines.

Probably the most important thing taking place is PRAYER.  The Family Life team has been in constant prayer asking the Lord for discernment and wisdom on decisions regarding the future steps of construction.  One major decision was made by Family Life’s Board of Directors regarding the current building.  It is important that you understand the reasons behind this decision that have altered our course of action, and the information gathered that helped guide the Board in making that determination.

After the completion of many on-site tests and after months of cost-comparisons and value engineering studies, Family Life met with the main construction firm (LeChase) and began evaluating their suggestion that we take down the entire existing building and begin the construction project from the ground up.  There were a number of select elements and key developments that aided in the decision to move forward with the contractor’s suggestion:

  1. The height of the current building is about 5’ too low to accommodate standard ceiling height and proper ductwork, both between 1st and 2nd floors and above 2nd floor ceiling. With the space needed for mechanicals having to be compromised at the current building’s height, this created future issues for the ministry in many respects.  This decision also allowed for the Town of Erwin mandate to keep as many air-handling systems off of the roof and non-visible from the interstate 99 highway.
  1. After geotechnical studies were done regarding sub-ground water level, it was determined that moisture could be a major issue for the basement area under the stage.  By taking down the entire building, a new design could incorporate raising the ground level by a few feet thus eliminating the sub-ground water issue.
  1. By not having to accommodate an existing structure, the new design could move the entire building forward by about 20’ thus reducing the shadowing issues about which neighbors have shown concern while also allowing for additional storage area in the rear of the building.
  1. The original architectural design can be “mirrored” by not having to deal with an existing structure.  This will allow for the main entrance to be much closer to the main parking area.
  1. Though the cost of material will be greater starting with a brand-new structure, cost savings associated with not having to accommodate the existing structure could produce a positive cost outcome, even with the cost of demolition considered.
  1. The potential issues surrounding demolishing only a portion of the current building, which had been initially proposed, will be eliminated and the timeline for actual construction will no longer be dependent on partial demolition.

If you have any questions regarding this decision or what the next steps will be concerning the “Building Our Future Together” project, please feel free to contact Family Life at 800-927-9083.

Family Life has been extremely blessed by the Lord as He has provided for each step of this project.  Over $4,000,000 has been invested in the project thus far with every bill paid without any indebtedness.  We continue to pray for a miracle of the Lord to speak to hearts of you and many others to provide for this exciting new facility.  We serve an awesome God who is “able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine by His power that is at work within us”!

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Walk-Through Video

Take a walk-through of Family Life’s proposed new Headquarters and Performing Arts Center

Family Life has begun its capital campaign to raise the necessary funds for the “Building Our Future Together” project. Contributors making major gifts have opportunities for naming or recognition rights for various parts of the new building.

For more information on your involvement in Family Life’s “Building Our Future Together” campaign, contact the ministry at building@familylife.org or 800-927-9083.

Building Our Future Together

Family Life has occupied its current facility for over 50 years, and though it has been greatly used for many purposes it can no longer adequately accommodate the growing ministry.  Plans are now in place for a facility that will enhance Family Life’s outreach for years to come.

Impact Of New Building

Though the scope of this project can seem overwhelming at times, we know that this is His assignment for the ministry. He has already revealed His blessing in numerous ways to allow Family Life to reach this point in the project

God Is At Work!

Family Life’s new facility will not only host radio studios, production rooms, and general office space but it will also have separate wings for a Center for the Arts and the Biblical Counseling Department. A large 2,000-seat Performing Arts Center will be the showpiece of the new headquarters.