Hear it Again

This is where you can find the funny Rise Up Morning Show segments and creative production pieces that you want to hear again!

The Easter Story, as told by Kids

Easter – The Crown

Easter – The Stone

St. Patrick’s Day Poem – “The Family Of God”

Leap (of Faith) Day – A Poem

Bible Movie Trailer – Jonah

The Kevin Williams Sea Shanty


Rise Up P.I. – 20 Questions

Sun Wars (End of Daylight Saving Parody)

Rise Up Cafe

Meet Me In the Stairwell, by Stacey Randall

Home Hunters (Bible Edition)

The INFLA-Table

On the Ground with Back to School

Zucchini Are Coming

Rise Up P.I. – Salty Situations

Inflatable Garden

Summer Job Blender

Escape Room Dad Edition

Lawn Mower Prayer

The Backpack – Graduation

Rise Up P.I. – The Worship Racket

Cooking Challenge (Bible edition)

Master Class Mom

Library: The Original Internet

Rise Up P.I. – A Hairy Situation

“Saving Daylight” (Epic trailer parody)

HGTW (Homes and Gardens in the Word)

Ash to Ash – Ash Wednesday Poem

Ode to Phil (Consider the Groundhog)

The Sun Will Come Out…in April

H-I-J-K Mart

Bible Times Social Media, 3

Half Foods Market

‘Twas the Day After Christmas

If You’re Merry And You Know It

Rise Up Kitchen – Alternative Cocoa

The Yeti Workout

The Thanksgiving Can-spiracy

Thanksgiving Dinner for Bible Versions

A Moment of Provisation

My Turkey Tis of Thee

Sun Wars

Fall Overhaul

Seasonal Complaint Department

The Sound of Summer

Bible Times Social Media, 2

Bible Times Social Media, 1

Kevin Williams is the Guy

Won’t You Love Your Neighbor

Bible RX

Seussical Situations