Hear it Again

This is where you can find the funny Rise Up Morning Show segments and creative production pieces that you want to hear again!

The Backpack – Graduation

Rise Up P.I. – The Worship Racket

Cooking Challenge (Bible edition)

Master Class Mom

Library: The Original Internet

Rise Up P.I. – A Hairy Situation

“Saving Daylight” (Epic trailer parody)

HGTW (Homes and Gardens in the Word)

Ash to Ash – Ash Wednesday Poem

Ode to Phil (Consider the Groundhog)

The Sun Will Come Out…in April

H-I-J-K Mart

Bible Times Social Media, 3

Half Foods Market

‘Twas the Day After Christmas

If You’re Merry And You Know It

Rise Up Kitchen – Alternative Cocoa

The Yeti Workout

The Thanksgiving Can-spiracy

Thanksgiving Dinner for Bible Versions

A Moment of Provisation

My Turkey Tis of Thee

Sun Wars

Fall Overhaul

Seasonal Complaint Department

Bible Times Social Media, 2

Bible Times Social Media, 1

Kevin Williams is the Guy

Won’t You Love Your Neighbor

Bible RX

Seussical Situations