** Denotes “Coming in 2022”

Freq. Location Type Call Signs
101.9 FM Alfred NY Station
WCOQ Where Christ Offers Quietness
89.5 FM Arcade NY Station
WCOF Where Christ Offers Forgivenes
88.3 FM Attica / Buffalo NY Station
WCOU Where Christ Offers Understanding
103.1 FM Avoca NY Station
WCIK Where Christ is King
88.3 FM Bath NY Station
WCIN Where Christ is Near
97.7 FM Big Flats/Corning NY Station
WCIG Where Christ is Glorified
88.9 FM Canandaigua/Rochester NY Station
WCIY Where Christ is Yours
93.7 FM Clyde NY Station
WCIP Where Christ is Peace
105.1 FM DeRuyter/Syracuse NY Station
WCIS Where Christ is Savior
91.9 FM** Ellicottville NY Station
WCOI Where Christ Offers Immortality
101.1 FM Enfield/Ithaca NY Station
WCID Where Christ is Declared
89.1 FM Friendship/Olean NY Station
WCOVWhere Christ Offers Victory
104.9 FM Montour Falls/Horseheads NY Station
WCIM Where Christ is Merciful
106.3 FM Oneida/Rome/Utica NY Station
WCIT Where Christ is Truth
96.7 FM Oswego NY Station
WCIO Where Christ is Over All
89.3 FM Silver Creek/Buffalo NY Station
WCOM Where Christ Offers Mercy
88.5 FM Spencer/Binghamton NY Station
WCII Where Christ is Inspirational
88.9 FM Unadilla/Oneonta NY Station
WCIJ Where Christ is Joy
102.9 FM Binghamton NY Super Translator W275BC (WDRE)
106.1 FM Buffalo NY Super Translator W291CN (WBUF)
100.3 FM Lockport NY Super Translator W262CQ (WBUF)
95.7 FM Niagara Falls NY Super Translator W239BA (WBUF)
94.1 FM** Olean NY Super Translator
W266BN (WCOV-FM) Where Christ Offers Victor
97.9 FM Oneonta NY Super Translator
W250BE (WCIJ) Where Christ is Joy
94.7 FM Rochester NY Super Translator W234AZ (WBZA)
98.3 FM Syracuse NY Super Translator
W252AC (WCIS-FM) Where Christ is Savior
95.7 FM Albion NY Translator W239BX (WTSS)
100.5 FM Dunkirk NY Translator
W263CN (WCOM) Where Christ Offers Mercy
99.3 FM Hornell NY Translator
W257AX (WCIK) Where Christ is King
92.7 FM Moravia NY Translator
106.5 FM Norwich NY Translator
W293BE (WCII) Where Christ is Inspirational
91.9 FM Penn Yan NY Translator
W220CJ (WCIY) Where Christ is Yours
104.5 FM Walton NY Translator
W283AT (WCIJ) Where Christ is Joy
91.1 FM Bedford/Altoona PA Station
WCOX Where Christ Offers Exchange
89.9 FM Cambridge Springs PA Station
WCGV Where Christ Gives Victory
88.7 FM Clintonville/Franklin PA Station
WCGT Where Christ Gives Hope
107.3 FM DuBois PA Station
WCOH Where Christ Offers Hope
103.9 FM Eldred PA Station
WCOP Where Christ Offers Peace
106.1 FM Farmington Township PA Station
WCGH Where Christ Gives Hope
100.7 FM Galeton PA Station
WCOG Where Christ Offers Grace
88.5 FM Johnstown/Indiana PA Station
WCOA Where Christ Offers All-in-All
90.9 FM Laporte PA Station
WCDR With Christ Discover Righteousness
96.7 FM** Lewis Run/Bradford PA Station
WCOR Where Christ Offers Righteousness
100.9 FM** North East/Erie PA Station
WCGE Where Christ Grants Eternity
90.3 FM Ridgebury/Elmira PA Station
WCIH Where Christ is Honored
91.5 FM Shenandoah PA Station
WCIM Where Christ is Merciful
88.3 FM State College PA Station
WCOG Where Christ Offers Grace
90.9 FM Tidioute/Jamestown PA Station
WCOT Where Christ Offers Truth
90.1 FM Trout Run PA Station
WCDV-FM With Christ Discover Victory
91.3 FM Tunkhannock PA Station
WCDJ With Christ Discover Joy
102.7 FM Wattsburg PA Station
WCGM Where Christ Grants Mercy
99.3 FM** Berwick PA Super Translator
98.9 FM Bloomsburg PA Super Translator W255BL (WILQ)
103.7 FM Clearfield PA Super Translator
W279AB (WCOH-FM) Where Christ Offers Hope
104.7 FM Lewisburg PA Super Translator W284BG (WILQ)
102.3 FM Lock Haven PA Super Translator W269CX (WILQ)
97.5 FM Scranton PA Super Translator
100.7 FM Warren PA Super Translator
W264AT (WCOT) Where Christ Offers Truth
92.5 FM Wilkes-Barre PA Super Translator
103.3 FM Williamsport PA Super Translator W277BJ (WILQ)
88.7 FM Butler PA Translator
W204CR (WCOH-FM) Where Christ Offers Hope
102.3 FM Coudersport PA Translator
W272BO (WCOG-FM) Where Christ Offers Grace
95.5 FM Titusville PA Translator
W238BD (WCOB) Where Christ Offers Beauty
93.5 FM Towanda PA Translator
W228CH (WCIN) Where Christ is Near
93.9 FM Wellsboro PA Translator
W230BM (WCIH) Where Christ is Honored
Freq Location Type Call Signs


Having trouble tuning in to Family Life? Here are some helpful tips to improve your FM radio reception, plus others ways to listen without a traditional radio.

Tip 1: A Yagi (yah-gee) is an excellent FM receiving antenna designed for long-range reception and can be affordably bought at any electronics store. Install on a roof and aim the antenna directly toward the nearest Family Life tower.

Tip 2: An indoor antenna may help. Dipole or “rabbit ear” antennas are very affordable, come in amplified versions, and can be purchased at an electronic store.

Tip 3: There are many ways to listen to Family Life with high-speed Internet. Use your computer, smart phone, tablet, or Internet radio device anywhere in the world. Learn more at Family Life’s streaming music options.