I Have an amazing testimony to give. I just had a life saving liver transplant 3 months ago. The person who saved my life ultimately was GOD but it ended up being my Sunday school teacher. I’ve had my struggles and health issues before this transplant and I’ve been through a lot of things in my life but somehow God has brought me through all of the storms of my life. I want to shout on the mountain top “GOD IS ALIVE- TRUST HIM TO GET YOUR THROUGH YOUR STORMS” . What is amazing is that every time I’m having a “faith failure” I hear “In the eye of the storm” on your radio station! It’s not a coincidence. God is with us always! He never leaves us ! I wish Christians around the world would stand up for God! He gave his son for us and he is worthy of our praise everyday !!!! He is an awesome GOD !!! Also, I believe he lets us go through the storms of life so we can give our testimony and Help Others who are struggling. HIS WILL BE DONE, NOT MINE !!!!!!