I just heard “Priceless” by For King and Country. It was a song I struggled to understand for a while. Then I lost my mother a week before Christmas in 2017. I was absolutely devastated. I spent the next few months between her service and burial struggling not only with grief but also with regret and heartbreak because our relationship had been so difficult. My mother came from a family of abuse of every kind, and unfortunately carried on the legacy. We spent years repairing the relationship. With God’s help I was able to forgive her a couple of years before she died, but she went home with me still feeling like I was never good enough for her. I heard Priceless again a week before her burial, and I finally got it…she’s not broken anymore. Over the past two years I’ve had time to understand it on deeper and deeper levels, knowing that she sees me for who I am now, and is with her family…who also are not broken anymore. Thank you for playing the songs that helped me to understand and heal in new and deeper ways.