My life hit rock bottom a number of years back. I had nothing to live for. I grew up in a cult religion all my life. There were lots of hypocrites in that religion. I was disassociated from that religion and looking for a reason to continue living. I felt that God existed but I was not sure. Once I hit rock bottom in my life, I did not want to live anymore. I decided to pray for a year saying “God, if you are real let me know, in Jesus name amen”. I prayed this every day. If within a year I had no answer I would end my life due to there was no reason to continue living in this terrible world. One morning when getting ready for work I decided to turn on the radio and came across your station FLN and heard the “Morning Show” with John and Denny. As they talked I realized they were Christians and FLN was a Christian radio station. At that time I HATED Christians and turned off the radio. I did however turned on the radio to hear the morning show humor of John & Denny. A few months went by and one day I realized I was leaving the station on all day. I started to listen to the programming and realized I did not disagree with what was being said by Dr. David Jeremiah and others. I was still praying “God if You exist let me know”. To make a long story short, I sent in $25. to your station since it was listener supported and sent a letter with the $25. saying that “I hate you, but maybe God was working on me”. One of your employees sent me a book on Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I read it and my mind was unblocked, I started to understand what Jesus was about and what Christians were about. 6 months later I came to one of your Sharafons, over 100 mile drive then, and went inside your facility, still feeling you were my enemy. Once inside I found my fears unfounded and I enjoyed my visit. When I left that day I knew I was on a path to a new life which had meaning. It took me almost another 6 months to go inside of a church to learn about our great God. Now I have been baptized for almost 12 years and regularly attend church. From being addicted to prescription drugs, a street fighter and almost killing two men, a drunk, waking up in an ICU many times from overdosing and being told God must have a reason for me still being alive, I now have a new reason for living. I think God has used your radio station, FLN, to show me He is alive and giving me a reason to live. Thank You for all you do.