I want to be an encouragement for any one who is setting on the the fence. To Glorify God and to Praise Jesus. God made us in his likeness but with a free will. (His likeness), He laid his hand on Moses, as they spoke together in the wilderness Moses asked Lord why can I not see you? God replied no man can see me and survive. But tomorrow when we finish speaking to one another as I walk past you, I will place my Hand on You and you will see Me from behind. Did you catch that? God has Hands like you and me. Friend our God made a way for you and me to stand in his Glory. The redemption and atonement that we have through the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our heavenly Father Loves you, In psalm 139 he tells you that he new you at the moment of your conception, He new you as you were knitted and woven together in your mothers womb. (How beautiful). He had a soul prepared for you at the moment of conception. Friend you were no mistake God loves you and He wants YOU! John 14:23 Jesus tells us keep my word Love Me. My Father will Love You and WE Will come and live in you. In Revelation Jesus tells us behold I stand at the door and Knock. Friend, OPEN THE DOOR! Let him into your Heart. In Ephesians we are told it is a Gift of God, it is by Faith that we can stand in God’s Glory. Simply believing (Faith Plus Nothing) it is a Gift in that no man shall boast of His works. As Jesus hung on the Cross, a thief hanging on a cross next to Jesus said you are the Messiah The Son of Man. Will you remember me. Jesus said to Him on this day you will be with me in Paradise. Did you catch that, the moment the man believed he was accepted. He did not not have time to jump down and go do good works. Faith plus nothing. Friend OPEN THE DOOR and Let JESUS In. HE is waiting for you to Open the Door to your HEART!