Family life has been such a blessing to me and my family, I started listening to your station when I just recently became a Christian & started going to church. Before we started going to church we were in a very dark place in our life my husband and I had adopted for children that needed homes, and it wasn’t something we planned it’s just something that came to us suddenly and we decided to do it. And threw that I learned a lot taking care of them and juggling work and my husband. Then one night when I was tucking in the girls (we had two girls two boys) they told me a secret about my husband and what he’d been doing to them at night my heart just sank it just totally devastated me. And threw this 3 year process of the courts and him finally going to prison was just terrible for us. We had to move from our family home and I was laid off my job I was only existing daily life was so hard to deal with. Then one evening my daughter had come home from church she attended a kids program there every Wednesday and she was just crying and saying that she wanted us to go to church. I could think of a 100 excuses not to go but none would be the truth. So we went and it changed my life forever. It was at that time that I found Family Life Radio in my car one day and just listen to it non-stop ever since. It helped me on my journey to becoming a Christian and I just want to thank you guys for everything that you do and all the programs that you have we are truly blessed.
Thank you for blessing us each day.