1/2 Cup Gochujang
5 Cloves Garlic, Minced
1 Tbsp Fresh Grated Ginger
1 Apple (Granny, Fuji) Grated
1 Pear (Anjou, Bartlett) Grated
1/2 Cup Soy Sauce
1 Tsp Toasted Sesame Oil
1 Tbsp Brown Sugar
2 Scallions, Chopped
1/2 Tsp Black Pepper
1 1/2 Pounds Thin Strip Pork Loin

The Rest-

1 Package White Rice Noodles, cooked as per package
2 Cups Cooked Rice
1 Cup Mayo
1/2 Cup Siracha
1/2 Cup teriyaki Sauce
Sesame Seeds
Chopped Scallions


Assemble all the marinate ingredients and mix together well. Refrigerate overnight.

Drain the pork. Heat a large skillet and add a little oil and add in the pork. Stir often until fully cooked and starting to turn a little brown. Layer rice and noodles in bowls and top with pork. Mix together the siracha and mayo and top the pork along with teriyaki sauce. Garnish with sesame seeds and scallions.

Serve and enjoy!