Nicks Picks: Family Life Morning Shares The Recipe For The Perfect Pbj

Carefully take 2 pieces of bread(What kind? White? Wheat? Multi-Grain? Pumpernickel?) We don’t know, just pick something!

Take a jar of Peanut Butter (What brand?) Again, just pick something! (Smooth? Crunchy?) Will you please quit asking questions and just make a decision!

Spread evenly on bread(Which side?) Oh, come on now, you’re kidding, right? The side facing up.

If you’re adding jelly to this masterpiece, only spread PB on one piece of bread and spread jelly on the other piece.(What kind of jell…oh,,sorry). This assures that the jelly won’t come pouring out onto your new outfit when you take your first bite.(Do I have to buy a new outfit in order to eat this sandwich?) Yes! Plus, matching shoes and a purse. Randy and Steve always looks funny when eating this sandwich.