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Three delicious ways to prepare corn on the cob. From the traditional to the bacony!

Traditional Boiled Corn

6 Ears of Corn
2 Tbsp Butter (plus more for later!)
1 Tbsp Salt
1/2 Cup Milk

Shuck the corn and place it in a large pot with the water, salt and butter. Add enough water to cover all the corn. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Simmer for about 20 minutes.
Turn the heat off and add the milk. Let the corn set for about 10 minutes before serving. Rub butter on each before enjoying!

Grilled Corn

6 Ears of Corn
Salt and Pepper

The trick to grilling corn is to soak them, in the husk, overnight in water. Place on a hot grill and cook until the husk is charred (about 20-30 minutes depending on your grill)
Let them cool slightly and shuck. Season with salt and pepper and place back on the grill if desired to get the charred look. Top with butter and serve!

Bacon Wrapped Corn

6 Ears of Corn, Shucked
1 Pound of bacon (at least 12 slices)
Salt and pepper

Boil and fully cook the corn. Remove from water and let cool for a couple of minutes. Wrap the bacon in a spiral from top to bottom when corn is cool enough to handle. Secure the top, middle and bottom with toothpicks. Season with salt and pepper. You can either grill or roast the corn. Make sure the bacon is crispy and you are ready to go!