Tately was born in Bath, NY and spent the first several years of her life living down the street from Family Life until her family moved to Troy, Pennsylvania.

Tately has one older sister and was brought up in a close-knit family with strong Christian values and teaching. She grew up attending church, but it wasn’t until high school that Tately began a personal relationship with Christ.

After graduation, Tately chose to attend Baptist Bible College and achieved degrees in Counseling and Bible. She later earned a master’s degree from Liberty University in Business Psychology.

At the time, Tately was working as a sales assistant at Brookside Homes when she heard about a job opening at Family Life. She had been praying about her next steps in life and was hoping that would include a chance to work in ministry. Tately was determined to live her life in ready obedience to God so she investigated the job. Turns out it was the opportunity she had been praying for and Tately is now a happy member of the Family Life team!