Preston works in the IT and engineering department at Family Life. His job duties range from fixing computer issues to maintaining radio equipment. He is also an assistant sound engineer for Family Life’s productions.

Born and raised in Western NY, Preston grew up in a Christian home. But, he didn’t realize that was no guarantee of eternity until a late-night discussion with a camp counselor when he was 13. Since that night, he has continued to find meaning in his faith throughout his life.

Preston’s heart for camp ministry led him to serve at several summer camps while majoring in IT at college. With his college career coming to an end, Preston set out to find work in the IT field, and when the Lord opened the door to join Family Life, he jumped at the opportunity.

Preston loves being outdoors; whether hiking, fishing, making maple syrup, or playing a pick-up game of basketball or frisbee. He also enjoys playing video games with friends.