Nick is head chef at Family Life, creating menus and cooking delicious meals for events. It’s no small job considering Family Life hosts a range of 30-40 events a year! In the past, Nick cooked for large establishments like hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, colleges, and retirement homes. His most recent position was as chef manager at Hilltop Retirement Home in Johnson City, NY. There he cooked for Hilltop residents and managed the culinary staff.

Nick is excited about working with food again. His last few jobs have been corporate and managerial in nature, but at Family Life, Nick gets to do what he loves – create new and interesting food in the kitchen! He loves experimenting with new ideas and food recipes, and has a passion for marinades and seasonings.

Nick didn’t spend much time in the church growing up. He met his wife Angie in college, and because of her witness, began a relationship with Jesus Christ. Angie took Nick to church one morning, and it was by her Godly influence, and the influence of other believers, that Nick learned to walk with God. Now this awesome couple is walking side by side in the light!

Nick loves spending time with his family and has been married to Angie for several wonderful years. They have three children – Amelia, Kathryn and Jacob – and moved to New York from Delaware not too long ago. It didn’t make sense to Nick at the time, but the Lord was leading his family back to where Angie grew up, and back to her childhood church – Primitive Methodist Church in Johnson City.

Nick is excited about the future and about God’s plan for his family and career at Family Life. He cherishes the opportunity to minister to people through his food.