“Mike grew up in the tiny village of Nauvoo, Pennsylvania, as the oldest of three children on his family’s farm. He attended church all of his life and grew up listening to Family Life. With a passion for music, Mike began playing the piano at age 6 and hasn’t stopped yet!
From church choirs to orchestra pits and school chorus concerts, Mike’s first love is being an accompanist. Hard work, the support of his family and friends, and plenty of prayer have all afforded him many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
In 2004, Mike made his New York City debut at Lincoln Center and returned ten years later to perform at Carnegie Hall with the National Sacred Honor Choir, an ensemble sponsored by Houghton College. He also was selected to accompany the 2010 Pennsylvania All-State Choir in Pittsburgh and most recently traveled to Viterbo, Italy to work for a summer as an opera pianist.
Even though Mike grew up in a Christian home, it wasn’t until years later that he began to grasp the meaning of living fully dependent on God. In 2014, while working on his Master’s degree, Mike felt the Lord calling him into a deeper, more dedicated relationship. Around this time, ideas of going into full-time ministry began taking root.
During a difficult job situation in 2016, Mike began praying for an “open door” – one that would lead to the precise place God wanted him. Two months later, Mike excitedly set off to begin an adventure with the Lord… at Family Life! Mike splits his time between the Performing Arts, Events, and Music departments. No two days are alike as Mike balances accompanying rehearsals, vocal coaching, music directing, and event planning.
Mike has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Houghton College and a Master’s Degree in Collaborative Piano from The Boston Conservatory. In addition to coordinating events, Mike plays piano for Family Life Performing Arts.”