Melanie originally hails from sunny California. She grew up the baby of 8 kids, so she learned early on in life how to perform to gain attention! In high school and college, she used that talent to win roles in theater productions, one of her favorites being Dolly, in “Hello Dolly!”

Melanie grew up going to church, but it wasn’t until she was 19-years-old that she recognized her need for Christ and that her “goodness” wasn’t enough to gain salvation. She had never really read the Bible before, though, one always sat on her shelf. When she opened it up, it was as if all the pieces of a jumbled puzzle came together and a beautiful picture of Jesus’ sacrifice for her was staring at her from the pages.

Melanie obtained her degree in Special Education and spent the bulk of her career working with people with special needs. However, she took a 10-year hiatus when she and her husband started a family. Over the past few years, Melanie has been working as a behavior mentor for teens with autism.

Melanie is happy to work alongside her handsome husband, Rodney Coe, as his administrative assistant in performing arts. In addition to her job at Family Life, Melanie has three adorable children – Selah, Judah, and Roman – that keep her busy!