Jonathan has a special affinity for technology, especially gadgets with lots of lights and buttons that make noise! It was that curiosity that got him involved with a community theater in his hometown of Chilton, Wisconsin, helping with stage sound and lighting. Jon also earned his Ham radio license and even built his own 40-foot radio tower to better explore Ham radio.

When his family moved to Western NY, Jonathon started working for a custom home builder doing construction. He did everything from installing drywall to operating heavy equipment on site. He even had a short stint working for an electrician.

After a time, Jonathon began missing his work as a stage technician. God led him to a church where he met a few members of the Family Life staff. He began volunteering with us, running lightboards for theatrical productions and working on light design for other types of events. Eventually Jon was hired to do all this – and help in radio engineering, too – for a paycheck! His job is a great fit.

Jonathan is the oldest of 4 siblings and lives near his parents in Corning. He enjoys hunting, trapping, fishing, camping and sports. He also enjoys technical hobbies like Ham Radio, wood working, and fixing most anything.