Jim Hy has been connected to Family Life since he was eight years old. He grew up participating in the Performing Arts Program and has always had a love for acting and storytelling. He accepted Christ and began his Christian walk very early in life and sought to integrate theatre and faith as an act of worship. Before working at Family Life, Jim worked as

a lifeguard, a tent-assembly team member, and a substitute teacher. He also had the opportunity to become a children’s theatre director at Family Life for their summer Youth Theatre Workshops for four years.

Throughout his journey, Jim never stopped doing theatre and auditioning for every Family Life production he could. He absolutely fell in love with the craft and the practice of sharing eternal truth through theatrical storytelling. He graduated with a B.A. in Theatre from Messiah University and began working full-time in Family Life’s Theatre Department, spreading the gospel of Christ, and utilizing the arts in the furtherment of the kingdom.

Jim is passionate for storytelling, which he believes affects people in a way that other mediums do not. Jesus himself told stories to instruct and encourage his audiences. Jim merely follows suit