Jeff is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the ministry, bringing a positive influence to employees, and ensuring that each ministry department has what it needs to succeed. Jeff’s biggest responsibility is to support the president of Family Life, allowing him to do more than he has time to do.

What does Jeff love? Well, for starters he loves people. As operations manager, he works directly with every staff person at Family Life, addressing concerns and requests, and making sure everyone knows and understands the vision of the organization.

Before joining Family Life, Jeff worked for his dad’s business doing construction work for over 25 years. He started in maintenance, working his way up until he started running departments and meeting with customers. During this time, Jeff also served churches doing music and administration tasks. The last church he served was Northgate Church in Batavia as Director of Operations.

Jeff met Rick Snavely, the president of Family Life, in 2003, while raising funds to bring a Family Life radio outlet to Titusville, PA. After meeting Rick, Jeff had a strange feeling – now he knows it was the power of the Holy Spirit – that someday he’d be working with Rick at Family Life. Jeff didn’t expect it to come true! Now he believes that God has trained him for the last 25 years to be doing what he’s doing now at Family Life.