Jackie does part-time work for Family Life, but is still very involved in what goes on day-to-day at the ministry. She helps the ticket office with deposits and lends a hand in the kitchen when needed.

When Jackie was ten years old, she was sent to an orphanage in Millersville, PA after the death of her father. The orphanage was a good home ran by a Mennonite denomination in Lancaster County. After three years there, Jackie was sent to a foster home where she was taught the value of hard work on a farm. This experience stayed with Jackie, and shaped her life as a girl.

Jackie met her husband, Dick, at a birthday party when she was a teenager. Jackie was dating someone else at the time, but a year later the two ended up meeting again at a church service. Much to Jackie’s embarrassment, a friend set them up “to meet” after the service let out. After two years of dating, it was clear what God had for them.

Dick and Jackie married June 21, 1952 and went straight into full-time ministry. Dick worked for Billy Graham’s ministry for two years before moving on to pastor a church in West Virginia. In 1957, the Lord called them to New York to organize Area Youth for Christ (YFC). Jackie knew in her heart that being Dick’s wife meant being a strong helpmate, supporting his daily work for Christ.

As a homemaker, Jackie raised four children – a daughter and three sons, all of whom serve Family Life in some way. After the kids grew up and started families, Jackie had more time to serve at Family Life, work she loves doing! Jackie also loves to read and has more than 1,100 books in her home library. Her life-prayer is to honor God and to teach her children and grandchildren how to love and live as a follower of Christ.