Of all places to be saved, Heidi and her husband, Dieter, came to know the Lord while living in Las Vegas! From the day they met at Alfred College in NY, Dieter knew he would marry Heidi, but she didn’t see it. Good thing God had a plan!

After their honeymoon, Heidi moved to be with Dieter in Las Vegas where Heidi later worked as a wedding coordinator at Bellagio and then an entertainment/special events coordinator at The Regent Las Vegas (now JW Marriott). Heidi started at both properties before they officially opened — how exciting! But the experience was nothing compared to working in Community Relations at Women’s Resource Medical Center, a crisis pregnancy center in Las Vegas. It was the most incredible experience watching the Lord bless this life changing ministry and the people it served!

As their family began to grow, Heidi, Dieter, and their young son, Brandon, moved back to Upstate NY. The couple worked for Heidi’s family’s business for several years until a career change took her to a local retail store. As time passed, Heidi began missing the soul nourishing work she did at the resource center in Las Vegas. On her lunch breaks, Heidi would park her car by a relaxing view of the Chemung River and find refreshment as she listened to Family Life on the radio. It became a great way to share stories, thoughts, and laughter with her coworkers back at the store.

Then after praying and actively searching for a new job for two years, God opened the door for Heidi to work with Family Life, helping the ministry connect radio listeners with local businesses, churches, and organizations that share the same values.

Heidi is so thankful for the support from her husband, Dieter, and their two incredible boys, Brandon and Derek. Heidi says “her family shares a passion for the truth that we’re all able to be lights in this world. She cannot wait to watch God’s plan unfold during this new life-chapter, and to witness how he will stretch their light even further.”