In a man’s heart, he plans his way. But the lord determines his steps ~Proverbs 16:9

Gary Thompson had big dreams of being on the radio since he was a kid. He achieved that dream in his teens. But the Lord had bigger plans than just satisfying Gary’s need for attention. God wanted to use that path in life to Glorify the name of Jesus. After a couple of years on the radio, Gary met Christ through a local radio show. And from there on out, Gary’s path was set. Gary has been sharing Jesus on the radio for over 30 years now, as well as on stages across the country doing clean comedy. Gary and his family spend most of their time keeping their Labrador, Ned from chewing up the carpet & are thrilled to be a part of the Family Life team. Gary says “It’s a real honor to spend the day with you as a friend you can turn to. Thanks for letting me hang out everyday.”