Becki grew up on an organic dairy farm in Hammondsport, NY. Living in the country allowed her to explore God’s creation and have many outdoor adventures. At 11-years old Becki accepted God’s gift of salvation, and shortly after, discovered The Family Hour. The radio segment quickly became an evening must-have!

In school, Becki’s favorite subjects were English and Math because they were fun and challenging. She also loved playing soccer because it involved a lot of running and quilting because of its artistic qualities.

After high school, Becki worked at Oak Hill Bulk Foods as a customer service manager where she discovered her love for working with people. Now ready for college, she attended FLCC to pursue general studies. After a year’s time, and still searching for a career fit, Becki took some time off to think. As a quilter – one of her favorite hobbies – Becki thought about becoming a professional Longarm Quilter. But after a while, she realized that quilting worked better for her as a hobby.

Throughout it all, Becki remained active in her church. Each year she organized the Harvest Festival, a fun, community-wide event. She planned all the activities, organized and led the volunteers, and made sure everything went off without a hitch during the event. A group of friends from church, who also happened to be Family Life staff, kept encouraging Becki to apply for a job at the ministry, believing her skill set and creativity was a match. Turns out it was!