Amy spent her early years growing up in Morgan Hill, a small country town in the sunny-California Bay Area. She had no religious upbringing or training and didn’t know anything about God until some kids in high school tried to tell her about Christ when she was 15.

Curiosity got the better of her and Amy started attending youth group at a local church. Shortly thereafter, Amy accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. Her family was not supportive of this decision and tried to discourage her from being “brain washed.” This created a lot of tension at home but Amy held firm to her beliefs.

However, she wandered away from God in college not wanting to be labeled one of “those Christians” because she wanted to fit in and have fun. In her junior year, Amy’s mom tragically passed away of cancer. This was a huge wake up call to Amy that she needed to get serious with her life. She quit pursuing worldly things and started making changes. Amy later joined Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and started going back to church.

After graduation, Amy moved to San Diego where she found herself without friends and very much alone. She knew of a church that a friend in college had told her about, so she started attending Horizon Christian Fellowship. One of the first messages she heard sounded like it was designed just for her and she made the decision at that moment that Christ would not just be her Savior, but He would be her Lord.

Amy met her husband, Rick, at Horizon, and after a year of marriage, they moved to Western New York where he was from. They now live in Lockport and have had the privilege of raising and homeschooling five wonderful daughters: Tamara, Laurel, Rebecca, Mikaela and Audrey. Amy looks forward to meeting and establishing wonderful relationships while being a “friend” you can turn to in the community!