Amanda has been in Christian radio for over 20 years. It started in college when God redirected her path from TV journalism to a career in radio.  Over the years, she has seen the impact the “right song at the right time” can make in the lives of listeners, including her own.  She appreciates how Christian radio can soften a heart, lift a spirit, and encourage when things are hard.  She loves spending time outside, especially hiking and kayaking, but most of her time is spent with her kids at their various activities – soccer, football, baseball, basketball, band, choir, and drama.  With her kids being pulled in many different directions and Amanda trying to keep up with it all, the muscles of patience, forgiveness, and grace are all being worked on pretty consistently in her home.  Someday, Amanda would love to open a small pie shop, where friends and neighbors can enjoy a treat and a cup of coffee and connect in a casual way.  Until God opens that door, she appreciates the opportunity to spend time with her coworkers and listeners at Family Life.