Family Life once again has the privilege of adding a number of new stations that will fill in certain dead areas between existing stations. Your help is needed to be able to complete each of these tower projects and get the stations on the air.


One-Day Fund Drive
Wednesday July 10 | 6am-8pm
Goal: $500,000


As Family Life wraps up 40 years of broadcasting, we stand in amazement of how God has blessed the radio outreach.

How has Family Life impacted lives with the Message of Hope?

A  listener told us her experience of temporarily damaging her Bose radio because she inadvertently aimed her garden hose the wrong way and the water silenced the radio. The company’s website suggested letting it dry for 24-48 hours. She then wrote:

“It was then that I realized the great impact that listening to your station has on my life. I did try silence and then I listened to a couple of Christian Podcasts. While this was helpful, it was not the same. The Family Life announcers that are always speaking about practical ways to internalize God’s truths were missing. I went to bed and ended up praying to God to fix my radio. To my surprise, the radio is fully operational this morning! Praise God…When I listen to Family Life, I hear truth that drowns out all the devil’s lies. I am a work in progress and God is slowly transforming me into someone more like Jesus…Thank you so much for your life changing ministry. Each and every day is a blessing when I listen to Family Life.”

Tower Projects

For Family Life, the ticking clock is coming closer to running out for building four or five towers this summer to be able to get these stations on the air. That is where YOU and Project TOWER come together!

WCOT – Troupsburg, NY

This station will be the epitome of a signal reaching a remote area in the high hills of southern Steuben County. Though it will be a small signal at 91.7 FM, it will be greatly appreciated by those who have struggled being able to receive a clear, strong Family Life signal for years.

WCGB – Franklinville, NY

This station will fill a portion of Cattaraugus County that has never had a significant signal from Family Life. At 91.9 FM broadcasting at 3,000 watts, this station will be a welcome addition to the Family Life lineup.

WCOI – Saint Marys, PA

Though this station will be licensed to Saint Marys at 88.9 FM, the actual tower site will be overlooking Ridgway where Family Life has difficulty reaching into the valley area. Many have requested a better signal for Ridgway and the surrounding area, and this station will be an answer to their prayers.

WCGM – Columbus, PA

This station at 89.3 FM will replace the recently divested station that Family Life had last year in Wattsburg. Though a tower was donated to Family Life to use for this station, the expense of upgrading it is similar in cost to a new tower.

WCGS – Little Valley, NY

This existing station at 105.7 FM was purchased for $1 a few years back but it came with a tower lease that was exorbitant. That lease runs out in the first quarter of 2025 and construction of Family Life’s own tower will save the ministry tens of thousands of dollars each year.

We are excited to allow more people to listen to the music, the preaching of the Word, the creative spots that encourage Bible reading, and the news from a biblical worldview.

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We can not do what we do without the support of our listeners. We want to thank you ahead of time for all of your support and for listening to our One-Day Fund Drive!

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