Family Life Mornings

A native of the Keystone State, Steve spent his younger years in suburban Philadelphia. Leaving home for the first time, Steve went off to college and graduated with a degree in Communications from Ohio University. His first job out of college was with WCLT in Newark, Ohio, where he worked as an account executive and did play-by-play announcing for high school games.

Steve’s radio career has taken him to Connecticut, North Carolina and Oklahoma, where he spent 19 years as a morning show host in Tulsa with former AC station KBEZ 92.9FM, now BOB-FM. Once in Oklahoma, Steve’s life changed in many ways. For one, he turned life over to Christ on January 15, 1988—his very first day in Tulsa. That’s a pretty important change!

Later on, Steve reconnected with his 8th grade sweetheart, Audrey. Imagine dating your 8th grade sweetheart again in your early thirties. God willing, it worked, and Steve and Audrey married in June of 1989. They have two children—Laura and Will. (yes… Will Smith).

Steve has been with Family Life since July 2011. He and his wife, Audrey (Audrey’s Desserts First on Nick Picks), love working under the same roof together. A few of Steve’s favorite things are: his family, his Philadelphia sports teams, and most of all—his God.

God wastes nothing. So never take a chance meeting as mere coincidence! Terese met Family Life President Rick Snavely backstage at a concert one night and didn’t think very much of it. As time went on, her heart softened to the possibility of joining the ministry. The Lord increased that desire to the point where she could think of nothing she wanted to do more!

You can hear Terese as co-host of Family Life Mornings and host of Family Life mid-days as she shares an encouraging mix of music, programming and fun.

Before joining Family Life, Terese spent nine years on the air at WARM 101.3 in Rochester, NY, where she was Program Director. Her voice is also heard on Christian radio stations in Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, Kansas, Indiana and Delaware. Having grown up in Dryden, NY, attended Ithaca College and then moved to Rochester, Terese has spent her whole life in the Family Life listening area. She’s come to appreciate the beauty and wonder of this part of the country.

Terese accepted Jesus as her savior during High School, but walked away from Him during her 20’s. During that time, she met and married Scott, never having talked about her faith. A few years later, the topic came up and both shared the stories of their salvation, and started attending church, as they put Christ as the forefront of their lives. How good God is to have saved these two for each other! They are blessed with daughters Emily and Ashley.

Before coming to Family Life, Randy worked in Kansas City with Youth for Christ. He spent six years there – a very exciting and rewarding time since many lives were changed by Christ. Randy was eventually led to Family Life by God’s hand in his life. It’s an exciting story too long to write out here. So if you see Randy, grab a seat and ask him about it.

Golf is near the top of Randy’s fun-things-to-do list. He also plays fantasy baseball, enjoys watching his kids compete in school sports, speaks at churches and other events, and loves spending time with his family. Adam, Drew, Luke and Olivia are all into soccer and swimming. Randy’s wife, Krisitina, and the rest of the family live in Bath, NY.

Mid-Days w/ Kelly Corday

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Kelly is a Christ-follower and a widowed-mom of three great young adults: Daniel, Mary, and Jonathan.

Kelly lost her husband to cancer after a 24-year marriage, but still clings to God’s truth in 1 Corinthians 13: 12-13, verses her husband named as “the family verses” when he was very sick.

“For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”a

Having worked in radio for nearly two decades, Kelly has spent 10 of those years in Christian radio. She loves the music and its power to encourage and inspire worship. She also loves talking to her listeners about God’s grace and love. His goodness never gets old!

Kelly lives in “Music City” — Nashville, Tennessee, but will always call St. Louis home. Her favorite things to do are spending time with friends and family, taking long road trips, baking, and writing. Her adventurous spirit leads her into doing almost anything outdoors. Tops on her list are hiking, snow skiing, and cycling.

Afternoons w/ Sonny Delfyette

While our afternoon announcer Sonny Delfyette is a native New Yorker, he moved from Long Island to his mother’s birthplace in West Virginia at age 9. During Sonny’s senior year in high school the radio bug bit him and he found work at an AM/FM combo in Wheeling. Soon he would be “chasing the check” moving to Ft. Pierce/West Palm Beach, Virginia Beach, Baltimore where he would work with an up and coming comedian named Mo’Nique, and where Sonny would meet his future wife Nicole. Then it was on to Kansas City, followed by Detroit, and back to Virginia Beach.

While he was able to find success throughout his radio career, he felt a nudge to serve the Lord and would  meet Family Life President Rick Snavely who offered him an on-air position. But he was hesitant, he still felt “something bigger” was coming, so Sonny declined the offer, stayed in touch and moved to Greenville, SC. Then that “something bigger” came! That up and coming comedian now had her own nationally syndicated radio show based in Los Angeles, and Mo’Nique wanted him as her co-host. It was his dream come true, being heard all over the country and making great money. But after just a few months, he was miserable because the show was as worldly as they come. Then he received an email from Rick Snavely stating that if he ever wanted to leave L.A., there was a place for him at Family Life, so he prayed “Lord if you don’t want me here, take it away!” He heard an audible reply of “Are you sure?” in which he cried, “Yes.” Sonny was fired the next day! When he called Rick to ask what was available, Rick asked “Do you feel the Lord calling you?” He laughed and said, “Rick, the Lord is yelling at me! Yes!!” and Sonny joined Family Life in December of 2008.


Sonny has gone from the secular formats that celebrated celebrities and gossip, to Family Life that focuses on impacting listeners with the message of hope found in Jesus. He knows that you may be listening looking for encouragement, and he prays you hear that every time he speaks. He encourages you to live your life in a way that people who don’t know God but know you, will come to know God because they know you.

Sonny celebrated his 40th year as a radio broadcaster in September 2020. He credits his longevity to his #1 cheerleader, his wife and best friend Nicole. The couple’s daughter Simone is now living her dream as a teacher in Texas.

The Family Hour w/ Natalie Stanfield

Natalie serves as Production Director for the ministry. She supervises an incredibly talented team of writers/audio producers, writes copy, produces recorded audio pieces to air on the network, directs the Kids Corner, and hosts the Family Hour.

She is also a single mother blessed with four young men and is grateful that God sees fit to use her for ministry purposes to other single moms.

Natalie’s love of writing and audio production lead her to be on the air as a DJ in order to allow her to do commercial work. Natalie spent over fourteen years in mainstream radio as a morning show and mid-day host, as well as Production Director. Natalie also received certification from the Radio Advertising Bureau as a Professional Commercial Copywriter.

She left mainstream radio after the birth of her youngest son in 1996. It was then she began using her talents solely for Christ, working for a small Christian station in Western Kentucky. That job lead to an audio production and on-air position at a national Christian radio network in Tupelo, MS before the Lord moved her and her sons here to Family Life in 2008.

In her spare time, Natalie also does voiceovers for commercial, industrial narration, e-learning, and the “on-hold” marketing world.