EEO Public File

EEO Public File Report
February 1, 2024

Vacancies sought to be filled for the period of February 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024

    1. On-Air Personality (1)
    2. Radio Production Assistant (1)
    3. Voice-trackers – Part-time (1)
    4. Regional Underwriting Representative (1)
    5. News Anchor/Director (1)
    6. Broadcast Engineer – Part-time (1)
    7. Creative Services & Marketing Director (1)
    8. Creative Services Assistant (1)
    9. Chief Financial Officer (1)
    10. Systems Administrator (1)
    11. Graphic Designer (1)
    12. Videographer (1)
    13. Social Media Director (1)

Full-time positions filled for the period of February 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024 – six
Part-time positions filled for the period of February 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024 – one

Recruitment sources utilized:

    4. Family Life Website
    5. “Women in Christian Radio” Facebook group

Family Life Ministries, Inc. corresponded with, in various forms, 56 individuals who appeared to have the qualifications needed for the 12 openings with Family Life. Of those eight were reviewed for the On-Air Personality position, three of those reviewed were women and a total of five had personal interviews. Family Life had three applicants for the part-time on-air voice trackers with all three of them being women and all being personally interviewed. None were hired for this position.

There were four applicants for the radio production position with two of them being women and all three being personally interviewed. One applicant was hired for this position. There were nine applicants for the underwriting positions including three women and two minorities. Three applicants were personally interviewed with one applicant being hired. There were four applicants for the news anchor position with five others being contacted. Four of these applicants were women. A female news anchor was hired.

There was one individual interviewed for the part-time broadcast engineer position and this applicant was hired. We conducted one interview for the systems administrator position and this individual was hired. We had contact with seven individuals for the creative services & marketing position with two of them being women. Family Life hired one of these interviewees. One female was interviewed for the creative services assistant and was hired. There were three contacts for the graphic designer position and all of them were women. None chose to be hired for this position.

There was one applicant for the CFO position and this individual was offered a position for hire during the third quarter of 2024. There were three individuals contacted for the social media director position with two of the three being women. No one has been hired as of yet to fill this position. Fifteen individuals were contacted for the videographer position of which two were female. This position remains open.

Of all those reviewed, 26 were females, two were minorities, 12 were personally interviewed and seven were hired for full-time or part-time positions.

Family Life Ministries, Inc. typically utilizes a number of primary methods of securing qualified applicants. Many of these applicants come from personal contact or through the organization’s website. A number of initial contacts come as a result of other online means such as Linkedin, AllAccess, and We will also investigate targeted sites for female and minority applicants.

Family Life hosts numerous events such as concerts, conferences, dinner theaters, etc. throughout the year where contacts are made with regards to staffing needs. Some of the staff speak at educational institutions where they share of the opportunities in broadcasting. And Family Life has training sessions for your people encouraging them to consider a career in radio.