“I know you have a signal fairly close by, but I cannot pick up your station. Can you do something to improve your signal?” You most likely have no idea how many times we have heard that statement and subsequent question over the years. In fact, you might be one that has shared your frustration with us. Whenever we hear a passionate plea like this, we begin asking the Lord to open doors so that He might allow the radio ministry to be more effective in reaching people with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ. When a radio signal is strong enough to reach people where they live, God uses it in amazing ways!

“My dear friends, I love the station and realized how much I depend on it. When I was unable to listen last week because of the bad weather, I was terribly upset, never realized how much I depended on you people to keep me up spiritually and emotionally…Thank you for being there and offering all you do in a way that you do. You seem to minister to all my needs.”

In the past few years, the Lord has opened up incredible doors of opportunity of not only expanding the outreach of Family Life’s radio ministry but also filling in the gaps where signals have been marginal at best. As many “holes” that have been able to be filled, the number of requests to provide a better signal continues to grow. And once again, God has opened a few more doors for Family Life to enhance the listening experience for thousands.


In 1989, Family Life’s radio outreach became a network with the addition of a second station licensed to Elmira, NY. Even though the community of license was Elmira, this station really didn’t put a great signal into that metro area. A translator was later added, but it was not strong enough to get into all homes in the city. A few years ago, another station was added north of the Elmira market licensed to Montour Falls, but again the strength of that signal left areas in Greater Elmira without a quality signal.

In 1996, a small 10-watt FM translator was purchased in Erie, PA and began broadcasting Family Life’s signal. Twenty years later, the ministry was able to reach an agreement with another station’s HD signal to increase the translator’s power to 250 watts. But it is a directional antenna leaving different areas of the Greater Erie market, especially along the lakeshore, without a listenable signal.


Family Life has been given the rare opportunity of purchasing two stations that will solve the deficiencies in each of these markets. Family Life has been approached by the owner of an existing 6,000-watt station in Elmira and the owner of a construction permit for a 25,000-watt station that will provide a great signal along Lake Erie from Dunkirk, NY to west of Erie, PA. Both of these commercial owners have expressed to us how blessed they would be to have their stations broadcasting the Good News heard on Family Life.

The ministry’s Board of Directors has voted unanimously to move forward with the purchase of these two stations. Deposits have already been committed and our prayer is that you and many other Family Life friends would help cover the balance due so that there is no further indebtedness incurred. The combined population reached by these two stations is 480,000 people. Ironically, the final payments for the two stations is exactly $480,000!

Would you prayerfully consider being a part of the “Project 480 for 480 Club” in helping Family Life finalize the purchase of these two stations? In acquiring them, the ministry would also be able to move a few of our existing stations to different locations allowing better coverage to other areas. This is a project that we could have never imagined. But then again, we have been astonished many times by the goodness of our Lord!

As you examine how God has blessed you this past year, would you consider making a generous year-end contribution to help with Family Life’s “Project 480 for 480”? Your tax-deductible gift can be mailed to Family Life in the enclosed envelope, or you can make your contribution online at www.familylife.org/give. May the Lord bless you this Christmas and holiday season as you give knowing that your gift will be used to reach hundreds of thousands with the message of God’s love!

Merry Christmas,
Rick Snavely