“Enlarge our Territory”
Family Life’s One-Day Fund Drive – July 13

It was the summer of 2010 when Family Life conducted its one-day fund drive with the theme, “Enlarge Our Territory”. At that point in its 53rd year of existence, the ministry had the opportunity of adding five more stations to the radio outreach. It was the biggest growth challenge that Family Life had ever faced. We chose this particular theme because there was a passion, not to bring focus on Family Life’s expansion but to increase God’s influence throughout New York and Pennsylvania with more radio signals.

Since then, God has continued to work miracles at Family Life, including guiding the way to the start of 10 new radio stations, the rights through the FCC to build three more smaller stations, and the right to upgrade a current station!

With these blessings and new opened doors comes steps that need to be taken and goals that need to be reached to bring each station to full fruition. Of the 10 stations, five of the them will need to be completely built from scratch and four other stations will be upgraded in power and/or location. As you can imagine, the cost for completing all of these projects can only happen with the blessing of the Lord as He uses your support.


Many have given sacrificially in the past to allow for a Family Life signal for you to listen to. You now have that same opportunity of paying it forward for many others to be able to experience hope, enjoyment, and biblical instruction provided every day through the radio ministry. From the images you can see how your support can greatly increase the number of people reached with Family Life’s programming.

As you can see, the costs of completing just one of these projects, let alone all of them, will be very significant. Family Life will go forward only as the Lord allows through your generosity. Would you prayerfully consider sacrificially giving to the “Enlarge Our Territory” project? Your contribution will help open the doors for each of these new radio stations to be used as tools in spreading the gospel. Your investment, whether contributed beforehand via mail or online at familylife.org or during the one-day fund drive on July 13, has the potential for eternal consequences in the lives of many.

Reaching Lives for Christ,
Rick Snavely

Construct new stations in the following locations

Upgrade the following stations to increase their reach