Traci grew up near Lewisburg in the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania. As an adult, she still remembers her 4th grade teacher, Mr. Anderson, who gave her class a homework assignment to seek out and know more about national and world events. This ended up sparking Traci’s interest in the news and her curiosity for the “bigger picture.”

As a teenager in public school, Traci found a lifeline in Christian radio, and its music and teaching became a guiding light for her. Under the positive influence of Godly media, Traci found herself wanting more, so she enrolled in a Christian college where she could be around people who sought the Lord.

After graduating Cairn University with a degree in Secondary Education, Traci became certified to teach English grades 7-12. She took a job teaching high school at Riverdale Baptist, a Christian school in the suburbs of Washington D.C. Later on, Traci left Washington and was hired full-time, again as an English teacher, at a public school in PA.

As time passed, Traci felt the tug of the Holy Spirit to leave teaching for other creative pursuits. Not knowing about God’s plan for her in radio, Traci started volunteering at a local Christian radio station – WGRC in Lewisburg. One thing led to another, and Traci found herself a career fit that combined her love of Christian radio with her interest in current events – Family Life News!

Traci’s interests are history, spending time in nature, watching English movies, and collecting historical dresses. Appreciating simplicity, Traci’s also intrigued by Tiny House design but doubts she could fit all her historical dresses in a space that small!