As production designer, Robbie’s main responsibility is designing sets for Family Life’s theatrical performances. He also enjoys acting and auditions for as many shows at Family Life as time allows.

Having enjoyed a natural bent toward the dramatic arts most of his life, Robbie auditioned for Family Life’s production of Narnia as a young teenager. He was thrilled to receive the role of Mr. Tumnusand since he thrives in God-honoring atmospheres, Robbie continued auditioning with Family Life. Later on he was awarded the role of Willy Porter in “The Gifts of the Magi” – the ministry’s first traveling Christmas production.

In high school, Robbie took advanced art and drama classes that helped him snag lead roles in well-known productions, including Professor Harold Hill in “The Music Man,” George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Jim Dillingham in “The Gifts of the Magi,” and Enjolras in “Les Miserables.”

Since his first production with Family Life, Robbie noticed his passion growing for using theater to teach children about God. In 2011, he began his apprenticeship at Family Life, and a year later, Robbie made his directing debut with the colorful musical “Seussical,” followed by “Peter Pan” and “The Wizard of Oz.” He also oversaw the ministry’s Youtheatre Workshop program for three years, teaching drama, set design classes, and directing shows.