Lindsay grew up on dairy farm in Union Springs, N.Y. As the daughter of dedicated Christian parents, she spent countless hours within the church walls. Her parents were hardworking and led Lindsay by example, giving much of their time and resources to the church and teaching her about good stewardship.

As college approached, Lindsay chose to attend Cedarville University. Later she transferred to a trade school in Florida to pursue a Bachelors’ Degree in Media and Communications. Her time there proved to be full of change and challenges, particularly as she faced adversity with peers. With no church or congregation for support, she wavered in her confidence and faith, both of which had been so sturdy before.

After graduation, Lindsay remembers a significant time where God’s great grace helped her regain assurance in Christ. She was given the chance to witness to a friend and saw the presence of the Gospel working firsthand! In that moment, the Lord made himself clear, and there was no denying that His presence was near and guiding her forward.

After that experience, Lindsay had opportunities to move all over the country, working in New York City, Los Angeles, and eventually finding her way to Colorado where she met her husband, Kyle, an arborist and avid mountaineer.

Soon after they were married, Kyle suffered a spinal injury from being caught in an avalanche. The accident changed his life, and the couple decided to move back to New York to be near family. In late 2019, Lindsay and Kyle were blessed with a baby boy. Their family lives in Cortland and is passionate about sharing the Gospel to those in need.