Jay manages the donor database and assists with Family Life’s website. He loves expanding his knowledge of technology and using it to make the greatest impact for God’s glory.

Born in Western New York, Jay grew up as a pastor’s kid. He’s spent most of his life in New York State and lived in Maine for a while too. He started his career in computers around 9 years old when his mother warned him against touching the control panel on an old Windows 95 desktop. From there Jay set off on a mission to investigate and figure out how those settings worked! Thankfully he never broke anything!

By middle school Jay was stripping old computers and rebuilding them. By age 17, he proudly built his first new desktop from the ground up. After high school, Jay went to Roberts Wesleyan College for Information Systems Management and accepted an internship in the IT department there. It was around this time that Jay met the love of his life and his future wife, Becca!

After college, Jay worked for Pearce Memorial Church as its database admin, webmaster and tech support. Wanting more work experience and opportunities to advance, Jay transitioned back to Roberts where he served as a helpdesk tech, website assistant, and later as a web developer and business application support.

Jay joined Family Life after Rick found him on LinkedIn and asked if he might be interested in a change. Little did Rick know, God had been preparing Jay for just that! Jay, his wife, two beautiful girls, and dog, Daisy, live in the Rochester area. They love going to Lighthouse Christian Camp for fun times with family and friends.