Amy moved to be near Family Life’s headquarters over 13 years ago when her husband took a job in the IT department. She has spent many years volunteering for Family Life Performing Arts as a stage manager, stage crew, mic assistant, costume seamstress, and child wrangler. Amy also finished her degree in 2018 in Health and Wellness Management. She accomplished all this while helping to raise their three boys.

Amy had lived in Dayton, Ohio for 12 years and was 14 years old when her family made the great move across country. She spent the rest of her school years in California, all the way through high school. Amy made many moves after that but couldn’t find peace anywhere. She attended several colleges and finally settled back in Dayton right before 9/11. After the tragic event, some friends encouraged Amy to attend a singles service at church. It was there she learned about Jesus and accepted Him as her Savior. It’s also where she met her husband.

When they aren’t working, Amy and her family enjoys traveling and visiting their extended family. She also likes to try new things, including hiking mountains, zip lining and paddle boarding. Amy has wanted to work alongside her husband at Family Life for some time now and is happy to say she finally is!