Spring Sharathon 2023

Family Life reached just over $2,000,000 during the four-day Spring Sharathon, which is such a blessing! This is only the third time in our history for this mark to be reached during the four days.

We are still shy of our overall goal to fund the ministry for the next six months. We are trusting the Lord to provide the remaining needed to reach our budget. If you have not yet participated in the Spring Sharathon, we would love to have you be part of the family of supporters who allow Family Life to provide the multiple ministry outreaches such as radio, online streams, performing arts, events, and biblical counseling. Your financial involvement will be such an encouragement as you become part of our story while we seek to continue giving our God all the glory!


What is Sharathon?

Family Life Sharathons are the primary method of raising the financial support needed to operate the ministry over a six-month period. Though there are several ways that Family Life receives operating funds throughout the year, by far the largest of those is the Spring and Fall sharathon. Sharathons take place as a live, on-air event over a four-day period. Regular radio programming is suspended during this time as announcers share how God works through the various arms of ministry. Popular music artists and program hosts are interviewed, uplifting music is played, and listeners become faith partners by financially supporting Family Life with their called-in faith promises or online donations. This Sharathons goal is $2.6 million. During the Sharathon, special challenges and contests create huge excitement and make Sharathon listening a highlight for listeners! Sharathon totals are updated each hour with anticipation and thrill building as the total reaches closer to the goal. Included in the Sharathon festivities is a 5K race and a chicken barbeque on the final day. You can understand why many financial partners call this their favorite event of the year!

2023 Spring Sharathon Letter

Family Life’s Spring Sharathon
April 12-15, 2023

The story of Family Life is one that has unfolded over a six-and-a-half-decade period. It is one full of testimonies of lives changed by God’s power. It is a story of tens of thousands of people, just like you, who have come together to make a ministry possible through your prayers, your service, and your financial investment. For years, our Founder Dick Snavely would share with the staff a simple message, “As long as we keep giving God all the glory, He will continue to bless!”

The story of Family Life has involved many elements over the years. One was the original Board of Directors who had the faith to step out and hire a director to begin a youth ministry even though they had no funds to pay him. The chosen director was a visionary who worked tireless hours in connecting with young people. He was used by God to lead many to Christ and challenged a large number to serve the Lord in full-time ministry. Another element was a move of the Holy Spirit to begin a Christian radio station in 1983. One station ultimately grew to become a large network covering great portions of New York and Pennsylvania. With that network came a commitment to not just serve a listening audience from a long distance but to develop other ministry outreaches that would have a personal touch.

Everything done at Family Life is for His glory!

There are many components to what makes up Family Life, but the one fundamental aspect that brings it all together is that everything that is accomplished is done for His glory!

One of my favorite passages in Scripture, Romans 15:17-18, catches the passion of Family Life:

“Therefore, I glory in Christ Jesus in my service to God. I will not venture to speak of anything except what Christ has accomplished through me to lead the Gentiles to obey God by what I have said and done.”

Family Life’s Spring Sharathon is taking place on April 12-15 and we could not have come up with a better theme than, “Our Story – His Glory”. Every day, glory is given to the Lord for what He continues to do in using each aspect of His ministry to touch hearts and change lives. One such life is in the process of being changed even as you read this letter. This e-mail recently came to us:

“I am a prison physician that works just below Williamsport…This is not the first time I have heard similar stories but today I had one of the inmates telling me he has not been religious but now every evening makes a point to listen to the family hour. That has made an interest in getting a Bible and I was able to give him some direction on to where to start reading. He is interested in learning more about God because of that. But wait there is more, he says his Jewish wife had never been interested in Christianity but now listens through your online stream from New Jersey every day and they discuss what they hear during the family hour. In addition to that, his transgender cellmate has heard him and now listens along with him and they discuss it as well. I thought you would appreciate hearing about these three grown adults that are enjoying learning from the family hour.”

We have said many times at the ministry that we never know how the Lord might be using Family Life at any given moment. Whether it is listening to the radio network, being a part of a Performing Arts production, attending one of the many events sponsored annually by the ministry, or being assisted with helpful advice through biblical counseling, Family Life seeks to bring glory to God in everything that is done.

You are very much needed!

As we come to another strategic point in our history with the Spring Sharathon, I would like for you to reflect for a moment on how the Lord has used Family Life to minister to you. And then would you prayerfully consider helping the ministry meet its budget needs for the next six months? Last Sharathon, the number of those giving was significantly down from the year before. Please do not think that your involvement is not that important and that others will step up to meet the need. We would encourage you to be part of the family that allows this ministry to continue reaching our sphere of influence with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ. To be very frank, you are very much needed!

Family Life’s $2.6 million budget need will only happen as you and many others are obedient to God’s leading in your life. You can get involved in different ways:

  1. Mailing your gift prior to the Sharathon to help with an encouraging starting total.
  2. Give your gift online.
  3. You can get involved in the excitement of the four-day event and call in your faith promise during the Sharathon.

Whichever way the Lord speaks to your heart, please know that we are so appreciative of your sacrificial giving as our collective story continues to bring God glory!

Yours in Christ,

Rick Snavely


P.S. Family Life understands that the local church is ordained of God, and because of that we encourage you NOT to give to Family Life what belongs to your local church.


Sharathon Goal: $2.6 Million

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We can not do what we do without the support of our listeners. We want to thank you ahead of time for all of your support and for listening to our Sharathon!

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Sharathon Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors for providing special incentives for this fundraising endeavor!  It is our greatest hope that you’ll join with us in extending appreciation for their excitement and willingness to get involved.

500 for 5 Prayer Needs

During each day of the Sharathon, we ask that you would take 5 minutes a day to partner with us in prayer over the following list

  1. Thank the Lord for all the additional radio stations that have come on the air in the last few years allowing Family Life to reach many more families and individuals. Pray that the those living in each of these new areas would sense God’s leading to help cover the significant costs of running each station.
  2. Thank God for the wonderful staff He has blessed Family Life with and for the great work that they do in sharing the gospel. Pray that the Lord would provide additional staff to fill some very important positions.
  3. Thank the Lord for the opportunity of once again hosting some major concerts and events. Pray that God would bless upcoming concerts with Phillips, Craig, & Dean as well as Shane & Shane for His glory!
  4. Thank God for the committed men and women on Family Life’s Board of Directors. Pray that the Lord would continue to give each board member wisdom as the ministry seeks to be the most effective and productive as possible.
  5. Thank the Lord for the hope of moving forward with the new building project near Corning. Pray that God would open the doors for every approval needed by the Town of Erwin boards and that He would miraculously provide the funds to begin construction this year.
  6. Thank God for the many people who daily pray for the ministry and all of our needs. Pray that the Lord would encourage hundreds, even thousands more to commit to praying for Family Life on a daily basis.
  7. Thank the Lord for the Management Team at Family Life and for the great job that they do in leading each of the various departments. Pray that God would give wisdom as the ministry interviews an individual this summer for future leadership responsibilities.
  8. Thank God for each of the ministry departments and how they are used to touch the hearts of many people from many different perspectives. Pray that the Lord would continue to use radio, performing arts, biblical counseling, and events to be effective in reaching people with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.
  9. Thank the Lord for the opportunity of having another Sharathonn as we celebrate 40 years of broadcasting. Pray that God would miraculously provide in helping to meet the ministry’s financial needs for the next six months.
  10. Thank God for blessing Family Life for nearly 66 years with thousands of faith partners, prayer warriors, and a wonderful group of volunteers. Pray that all at the ministry will remain faithful to the call of the Lord on each of our lives as we serve Him!